Songs and Stories of the Old Testament

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One of the few CD’s recorded live, the Songs of Stories of the Old Testament brings to life this great book. Beginning with the complete retelling of the highlights of the Old Testament in the musical number “How I Loved the Stories I Learned in Sunday School”, through “The Begats” (a quick genealogical history of the Old Testament prophets), it is full of humor and captures the deep emotion which is a vital part of the stories of the Old Testament. Volume one finishes with the tragic and inspiring story of David and includes one of the most beautiful renderings of the 23rd Psalm.

Much more than a retelling of the stories of the Old Testament, the D’s bring the stories to life through song and re-enactments of these familiar stories, including a news program called “Chronicles”, an advice column through the wisdom of Solomon and Old Testament jokes. This CD concludes with the powerful and prophetic words of Isaiah, particularly those that foretold the life and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the restoration of his church in the latter days.

You will find these songs and stories running through your head and you will want to listen to it again and again.

“My parents had a copy of this on cassette. It was brilliant. I found it again in early adulthood and gave it a listen. I found it even more brilliant. My cassette has finally given up the ghost and I have been looking for a copy of this everywhere. If you would do me the honor of helping me obtain a copy, I would be extremely grateful. I hope to share this with my children one day and let them experience the humor, the beautiful music and true testimony found in this performance.”

–Aaron Buck (Anaheim, CA)

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