Ol’ Port, Songs and Stories of Porter Rockwell

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Avenging Angel or Drunken Devil? Man of God or Man of Blood?




Who and What was…Porter Rockwell?



Among the famous frontier marshals, there is none who still walks in mystery so much as Porter Rockwell. He’s out there somewhere concealed among the histories and legends like he once concealed himself among the sagebrush.

In some ways he was like the other famous lawmen of that age with a lightning draw, a deadly eye and nerves of steel. But Port was much more than a dispenser of hot lead justice. Deep inside he carried an unhealed wound from the murder of Joseph Smith, the man he idolized, and ever after he was an enemy to those who broke the law. Behind his level stare was a promise from the Prophet that he would never suffer from ‘bullet or blade’ so long as he didn’t cut his hair. And within his hard shell was a neighborly concern for those who needed help.

He made it his business to be more than met the eye. He usually looked unarmed except for a small .36 caliber bulge in his coat pocket. His drunkenness was often a convenient cloak to cover the movements of his mind.

He could not read or write, but nobody could read a rustler’s trail like Port, and he wrote his name larger than life in the lore and legends of this land.

Brought to life in song and story, Duane distills a lifetime of interest in Porter Rockwell. Listen to this CD and see if you can discover the truth behind one of the most interesting characters of the old west.

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