Duane, Dick Davis, and Denis Sorenson performed as The Three D’s, a music and comedy trio. They recorded for Capitol Records, traveled throughout the United States and abroad. Their music and humor, now on CD, are still in demand. Below is a display of CD’s we have available. Denis has other CD’s available from his web site.

Three ways you can order the music listed below:
1. Click on the link next to each CD and follow the instructions to pay with a credit or debit card.
2. Print and mail the order blank. Just click here
3. Give us a call at 1-(801) 225-1094.

You may have also noticed that shipping and handling are free! We were going to charge for it, but we forgot and then we thought, oh well, let’s just throw it in. So what you see is what you pay. And as always, if you’re not happy, let us know and we will either send you back your money or send you another CD, again at no charge to you.



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