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 Live Laugh Learn is a project centered around the idea that everyone has a story they need to share and that every life deserves to be remembered. Duane began thinking about these things several years ago as he began writing some of his own stories, the stories that eventually became the book Live Long,* Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot.

As he began telling people what he was writing, people would often respond with, “That reminds me…”, and Duane started to think there might be a way to help people find the motivation needed to navigate through the basics of taking notes, recording their story, and then sharing it with their loved ones. He realized there was a need, and a way, to help people narrate their unique versions of history.The Live Laugh Learn model is simple…

  •  Purchase a copy of the book (you can buy it here for $25, or on Amazon)
  •  As you read, use the stories in the book to jog your own memories, or use the questions at the end of each chapter as a starting off point. Use the blank spaces to start getting your ideas down on paper. (Here are sample questions from the book)
  •  Now, start to think about which of the stories you’ve jotted down (or questions you’ve answered) are ones you’d like to record for your posterity.

At this point you will give us a call at 801‐900‐5979 or send us an email at to set up your first 1‐hour telephone recording session with a Live Learn Laugh history host. Our history hosts have been trained specifically to help you get your stories recorded.

Using Google Voice, your conversation with our history host will be recorded and an audio file created. When finished, the audio file will be emailed to you to share with anyone you would like. In addition, the file can be transferred to a special DVD designed to not deteriorate over time. Live Learn Laugh will retain a copy of your sessions for a limited time with the ability to provide extra copies of the DVD.


The book…………………………………$25

Initial Appointment Setting………FREE

Telephone Recording Sessions…$60 for each 1-hour session with a history host.

You may choose the number of sessions you complete.

On average, customers have felt 10 sessions

allowed them to “get it all down”

Email Audio Recording……………..Included in the price of the telephone session.

1st DVD Recording……………………$50

Additional DVD Recordings……….$10/each


The most important part of the Live Learn Laugh project is making sure your life stories are shared. The email audio files you receive will be ready to forward to all of your loved ones, as well as the optional dvd. Having the audio transcribed and published in book form may also be a possibility. While it might seem that a book is the ultimate goal with our family histories, there is something simpler and more invaluable in having your voice and manner of speaking recorded for future generations to hear.


Send us an email at

or call us at 801-900-5979

and leave us a message.

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