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Duane was a writer of “The Spoken Word” for broadcasts of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and author of the books Overcoming Personal Loss and his latest book Live Long, Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot. Both books are available on Amazon. You can also order Live Long, Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot from this page.

Live Long, Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot is two books in one. First it is the spritely retelling of Duane Hiatt’s memories with a theme of “Live Long (in perspective), learn a little, laugh a lot.” Second, it is a hangout session to help the reader painlessly begin to capture and preserve his/her own memories.  From the book, “I believe your life and every person’s life is worthy of a book. It is a good thing to pass on our life experiences and wisdom to those around us and those who come after us.

“But most of us need a little nudge (or a big shove) to get our stories down on paper. My observation is that two big hurdles to writing your history are organization and motivation. I would like to help. I’m thinking if you and I could hang out for a while, we would be swapping stories, and saying, at least in our minds, ‘That reminds me of the time…’

“This book is the hangout. I’m doing the yarn spinning here, but I’m anticipating that at the end of each segment you will fill in the blank space with notes about your own memories. I’ve also included questions I might ask you if we were sitting on the back porch, or on a break from work around the water cooler, or driving a long stretch of monotonous road with time to kill.

“My intent is that you will enjoy our time here together, and at the end of the book you will have a desire plus notes and memory joggers to string together your own book, or at least a compilation of events and memories of your past.

“Once you have done this, I have left a line of the cover for you to sign your name, because this will no longer be my book. It will be our book, and hopefully the first step toward preserving your memories in a recording and/or in print.”
Click on the book to get his book Overcoming Personal Loss electronically from Amazon.

“No one lives without loss, it is a part of life. But when author Duane Hiatt’s wife Diane died of cancer shortly after giving birth to their fifteenth child, Duane faced some particularly difficult challenges. Coping with such a loss requires more than the passage of time. It is a long and difficult journey that some are unwilling to make. But those who do are better people for having made the trek. The road up from loss, like other roads, is easier traveled with a map and markers along the way. And the journey is lighter with friends to share the burden, offer encouragement, and advise us about how to proceed. In Overcoming Personal Loss, one who has made the journey offers comfort and solid help on overcoming serious loss, whether through death, divorce, loss of a job, or any other debilitating experience. While loss is a part of our mortal journey, it need not paralyze us. If understood and used correctly, it can be a refining and enriching experience that will help us fill the measure of our creation.”


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