Duane’s passing

It is with sadness that we want to let you know that Duane Hiatt passed away on Sunday afternoon, May 24, 2020. Next June 16th, he would have been 83 years old. He was surrounded by family at the end. We are grateful for his influence in our lives and while we will miss him intensely, we are grateful for his life and example. His wife Sharon Hiatt wrote this recently in a letter to the family when she was giving an update on dad’s condition: 

“The greatest comfort in all this is that we know mortal life was never intended to be a career, but rather that it is part of the eternal life cycle of our being.  It is like the cocoon stage of a butterfly, where we were something before with the promise of becoming something even greater after the metamorphosis.  Earth life is that metamorphic stage.  Our Creator is aware of us, involved as we invite Him to be, to lead us and guide us to the wonders awaiting after.  I know this to be true, and Duane and I feel His hand and His love even more during this part of our journey as Duane prepares to pass on to the next part.  We have always defined ourselves, not by our challenges, but by our blessings, and Oh! we have so many!  We laugh a lot, we hug often, and we wish the social distancing were over so we could just be with everyone.” 

Thank you for your support over the years and for being a part of dad’s life.

Dan HIatt