Follow the Prophet Moses

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What can we learn by following the prophet Moses?

It takes 11 days to travel from Egypt to Israel on foot. Unless you are travelling on an educational field trip. Then it can take 40 years and even then you may not arrive.

That is the story of the children of Israel’s exodus in the wilderness. Not that the curriculum was all that difficult. The Israelites only had to learn one concept, and pass one test. The concept from the Lord was simply, trust me, and trust my servant Moses.

To show them his awesome power, God parted the Red Sea, and let them cross without even getting their feet muddy. To feed them he sent manna six days a week. Perhaps to help them remember where their food was coming from, the Lord made the manna last for only one day. Every morning when they gathered their manna for breakfast they would be reminded that the Lord was providing their food. But the manna they gathered on the day before the sabbath lasted for two days. so they would be reminded to keep his commandment to rest on the sabbath day. Over and over Heavenly Father showed them they were his covenant people, and Moses was his prophet.

If you trust me, and keep my commandments I will care for you. It was a clear and simple agreement. But they never got it.

They paid lip service to the arrangement. They even paid leg service by wandering to and fro through the wilderness. But they never got the flesh pots of Egypt out of their minds and memories. They never totally committed to their covenant. As they old saying goes, they wanted to serve the Lord without offending the devil.

As a result, the Lord kept them wandering until that entire generation had passed away. Their children and grandchildren inherited the land they had been promised.

But before we shake our heads at their thick headedness, let us examine our own lives. Are we receiving all the protection, direction, strength, and blessings the Lord has prepared for us on our travel through this life toward the Promised Land?

Are we fully following the Lord’s anointed prophets? That’s the question echoing down through the ages from Moses, and the other prophets of old to our present prophet today. The Promised Land can be not only in the hereafter but the here if we follow the prophets.

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Follow the Prophet Abraham

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What can we learn from following the Prophet Abraham?

Abraham has been called the father of nations, and father of the the faithful. His life and character show us what it means to be a good and faithful father.

There are three kinds of fathers. The same holds true for mothers.

The worst father mistreats or abandons his children. The better father loves his children and provides for their needs. The best father loves and trusts the Lord. He shows his faith to his children by precept and example.

Such a father is worthy to receive guidance and help from heaven in his sacred responsibilities to preside, provide, and protect, his children. He knows and shows that his children are also God’s children, and he treats them as such.

There is no greater need in the world today than the need for good, faithful, loving, wise fathers.

The greatest example of Abraham as a father was when the Lord commanded him to sacrifice his son Isaac as an offering to God. Surely Abraham was stunned. This went against all he had been taught and experienced about God. But he had the faith to obey. Only the intervention of an angel at the last moment stopped him from killing his precious son.

What was the point of this exercise teetering on tragedy? The Lord explained it later in his first commandment. “…thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” Nothing, not even love for other people can come between us and our Heavenly Father.

And what of Isaac. Why was he willing to die as a sacrifice? Because he trusted in his father, and his Heavenly Father.

Doubtless Abraham also taught Isaac the gospel handed down through his fathers even from Adam the father of us all.

Abraham taught Isaac the doctrine that God our heavenly Father himself would one day allow his only begotten son Jesus the Christ to be tortured, sacrificed and die so that all of us could live forever.

The best fathers teach these truths to their children by precept and example.

There is no greater need in the world today than the need for fathers such as Abraham.

Follow the Prophet Noah

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Follow the Prophet Noah

What can we learn from following the Prophet Noah?

Certainly no Bible story is more famous than Noah and the ark. It has been the subject of serious science, cartoons, plays, movies, and uncountable Sunday school lessons.

Noah was a good man from his youth. At the age of ten he received the priesthood at the hands of his grandfather Methuselah. And he was faithful his whole long life of 950 years. The Bible records some of his life on earth.

Modern revelation also tells things Noah did in the preexistence before this life. He was a valiant spirit named Gabriel.

He later appears as the Angel Gabriel to strengthen Daniel in vision and prayer. In the New Testament he announces to Zacharias and also to Mary the imminent birth of Jesus.

Living almost a thousand years may require some patience. Noah had to wait 450 years until his first son Japheth was born. Then another 42 years until Shem blessed their family. Ham must have seemed almost like a twin to Shem when he came only eight years later when his father was 500 years old.

All three boys were true to the faith, and so were called, “Sons of God.” They married women who were likewise faithful, and as a result they and their wives were saved on the ark. Unfortunately the daughters of the “Sons of God” married disbelievers who mocked the Lord and were known as “sons of men.” Apparently they all perished in the flood.

The scriptures record that a few others besides those in Noah’s ark escaped the flood. These believed and followed Noah. The Lord took them up to be with him as he did the city of Enoch.

Perhaps the most vital message Noah leaves us is don’t procrastinate. Follow the prophet when he speaks.

Noah gave the people of his day 120 years of warning. We know not what the future holds in today’s unstable society. But we are promised if we follow the words and example of the Lord’s prophet and prepare, we shall not fear.


Follow the Prophet Enoch

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What can we learn by following the prophet Enoch? We can approach the environment of Heaven if we emulate his city of Zion.

When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden they went from a world of food and flowers to one of weeds and wickedness. More like what we live in. Worse than that, they no longer walked and talked with Heavenly Father. They and their descendants could pray of course, but how could the Lord let his will be known to many people? He called prophets. The first was our great, great, great, great grandfather Adam.

Adam later was inspired by God to call his great grandson Enoch as a prophet. Enoch wasn’t sure he could do the job. He said, “I don’t speak well. The people hate me, and I am only a lad.” He was 65 years old when he said that.

Probably 65 seemed young to Enoch because some people in those days lived a long time, like hundreds of years. But not everybody lived a long time. Some people lived a short time because wickedness, murder, wars and bad living took them early.

Enoch trusted in the Lord, and became a great prophet. At his word mountains moved, rivers changed their courses, the wicked people, even giants who lived in the land were afraid to attack him and his people. He founded a city that became so righteous that no one was poor, or unloved, or left out. The city became so pure and holy that The Lord took it up to heaven. It will return when Jesus reigns over the earth in the millennium.

Follow the Prophet Adam

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What we can learn from following the Prophet Adam
Adam was not only the first man and the first prophet. In the spirit world before this one Adam was the archangel Michael. In the Great War in heaven, he commanded the spirits who followed Heavenly Father and Jesus as they fought the forces of Satan.
Michael then helped Jesus create this earth and all the plants and animals so we could live on it.
Then Heavenly Father and Jesus created Adam’s body as the first man on earth, and Eve as the first woman and his wife. They were given two instructions: To not eat the forbidden fruit, and to multiply and replenish the earth. As it turned out, they could not have children unless they ate the fruit.
They chose to eat the fruit so that we could come to this earth as part of families, and members of Adam and Eve’s great family.
Heavenly Father sent his Son Jesus to pay the price for Adam and Eve’s transgression, and to pay for our sins if we repent and accept Jesus as our Savior. Then we can live forever with our families in heaven.
Heavenly Father has a plan for this world and for each of us. If we pray to him sincerely, we can learn what He wants us to do, and he will help us do it.
After Adam and Eve left the garden Adam built an altar and offered sacrifices on it. An angel came and asked him why he did this. Adam said, “I know not save the Lord commanded me.” He then learned the reason why. Sometimes we may not know why the Lord commands, but if we obey we will be blessed.
Oh, and in case you’ve heard this story, that lump that men have in their throat which is called their “Adam’s apple,” it is not because Adam couldn’t swallow the original apple.
These are some of the things we learn by following the prophet Adam.
Duane Hiatt

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