Remembering The Three D’s

A few months ago I got to thinking, “What can I give at this point in my life?” Maybe a little nostalgia mixed with some good philosophy and soothing music.

Out of that came a program called “Remembering The Three D’s” which includes selections from albums Dick Davis, Denis Sorenson, and I recorded and also comedy shticks and music Dick and I did after Denis went into other employment; and it has music and stories Sharon and I have done for the past thirty plus years of our marriage.

The recordings I do in a form I call, “Live Sync.” I sing along with our albums. For me it is a hoot. In my mind I’m together again with my two talented friends belting out the message songs, and harmonizing on the great melodies from the golden years of folk music.

This past month Sharon and I have been in southern Utah presenting the show to gatherings of our old friends, and making new ones.

Much of the music from that era was criticizing America, our society and values. The Three D’s took the opposite position praising our land, our people, and the soldiers who have sacrificed so much to defend us. We recorded an album of some of America’s great old songs. I sang some of these along with the recorded voices of Dick and Denis to veterans in a retirement home. These aged warriors were deeply moved by the music. Sharon and I were deeply moved by the soldiers.

A few minutes of music and memories may not be much to offer, but as the song goes, “Give then for Jesus Give… There is something all can give.