Little Epistle: Train the Brain, and the Body

When the ancient Egyptians mummified a body, they mashed up the brain, sucked it out through the nose, and threw it away as useless gray gunk.

Aristotle, probably the most respected of ancient Greek learned men, thought the brain was a radiator to cool the blood.

But in today’s society, we almost worship the brain. A trained brain is often the ticket to prosperity, popularity, and success.

No doubt the brain is a useful organ, no thinking person should be without one. But is it the sole source of knowledge, intelligence, capability and wisdom? Maybe not. Dr. Robert Cooper a personal improvement expert has done extensive research on how the body gains and dispenses knowledge and feelings. His findings indicate that certainly the brain is the center of much, probably most, of our thinking and motor coordination. But there is much learning and even thinking at some level going on throughout the body.

Dr. Cooper’s research shows at least three thinking centers in the human body. The brain, the center of the body, and the area around the heart. Interesting. Perhaps brainpower, gut feelings, and heartfelt impressions are more than just figures of speech.

There is such a thing as emotional intelligence apparently. It well may be more valuable in everyday interaction than intellect. It also may be more powerful than brain centered thinking. Dr. Cooper’s studies have measured electro-magnetic waves emanating from the brain. They radiate out to about 11 inches. But similar waves from the heart area can be detected up to five feet away from the person.

I’m thinking (or maybe feeling) the best way to train and utilize this emotional intelligence is to analyze our actions, then look at the motives behind them. Then ask ourselves, “Are these things bringing me what I really want in life, and making me the person I aspire to be?”

If all things are lined up properly then we can enjoy the picture in our mind of wise old King Solomon in the Bible smiling down upon us and saying, “As (a person) thnketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)