Little Epistle: Memory as a Tool Not a Weapon

Our conscious memory can sweep us from scene to scene faster than the speed of light. It can carry us to the vast caverns and massive motivational engines of the unconscious mind.

This incredible tool must be designed for important work. It is. The scriptures say, “Remember the Lord your God,” (Deuteronomy 8:18) This perspective from the past can help guide our future.

With our memory we can hang on to one piece of information, attach to it another and gradually build our knowledge base. Since intelligence is the glory of God, memory is an integral part of our divine potential.

The memories of joyous summers can support us as we work through the cold and bitter winters of our lives.

There is even an eternal memory that seeps slightly through the veil. It is called the light of Christ and it reminds us that we are not creatures of this earth alone, but eternal beings.

Memory is an indispensable tool. But like other tools it can become a weapon against ourselves and others. Memory misused constantly calls up discouraging and destructive images. An abusive memory recalls and re-injures old wounds and refuses to forgive past offenses thereby making the rememberer guilty of a worse sin than the one who offended him. (Doc. and Cov. 64:9)

The key to a truly effective memory is not simply recall, it is wisdom in our selection of what to store in it. Sydney Harris once said, “Happiness usually depends more on what we can forget than on what we can remember.”