Little Epistle: Incubate Your Dreams
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When I worked at Brigham Young University I was privileged to have an office in a beautiful new building. The man who made it possible with a large contribution was Pete Harman. One day he told us how he made the money to finance this, and many other worthy projects.

Pete was at a trade show in Chicago when he met a man with a secret. He was a common working man, now retired. But in his heart he carried a dream. So about the time many people are wrapping up their life’s work and heading to the rocking chair on the back porch this man was in Chicago at the show pursuing his dream.

The two struck up a conversation. The southern man said, “If I ever get to Salt Lake City I’ll cook you a chicken dinner.” Pete smiled. They shook hands and parted.

But surprise. Some time later the gentleman turned up at Pete’s door and said, “I have come to make good on my promise.” The visitor called for several pressure cookers, various spices and ingredients, and labored in the kitchen for most of the night.

Pete figured he had an eccentric all talk no do wanderer on his hands. The visitor seemed to have bitten off more than any of them could chew. In fact, it looked as though none of them would be chewing anything. Nine hours the stranger pored over his pots and pans and frustrations. Still no chicken dinner.
But at length he called his hosts in and invited them to partake. They did so, mostly to humor him. Pete and his wife Arline tentatively lifted the chicken to their lips, took a bite, looked at each other and smiled. They both knew gastronomical gold even in the rough.

They spent the next few days preparing to give this new dish a little trial run at their restaurant. By Saturday they had an ample supply and production facilities to test the new offering at their restaurant, or so they thought.

As the marketing people say a product has got to have legs to move. This chicken had legs. It took off running all over Salt Lake City. People savored the flavor, devoured the dish, phoned their friends, and ran to and hollered at their neighbors to hustle down and treat their taste buds. No way could the restaurant keep up with the stampeding appetites. They had the world’s greatest marketing problem, over demand. They eventually solved it in a national and worldwide way.

Just before they opened the store on that momentous Saturday they remembered the new dish ought to have a name.

“What shall we call it?” Arline said.

Pete replied, “Well Mr. Sanders says he is from Kentucky. Why don’t we call it Colonel Sander’s Kentucky fried Chicken?” And they did.

In this great land which is still filled with opportunity dreams come true at many stages in life in many ways. The secret is to never give up on your dreams and always keep an eye open for the next opportunity. Not all of us have hankerings to build an international corporate empire. But we all have some secret desires incubating inside us. Even if they seem impossible, keep them warm, keep them alive. Some day to our surprise we may see that little egg hatch and watch that chicken run, maybe even fly.

To be continued