Little Epistle: Habits

I count among my friends the late Stephen R. Covey, but then so do a few million other people. But I did work with him on a couple of projects and they turned out well.

Stephen was an internationally respected consultant to business, government, educational, and religious organizations. His book, The Seven habits of highly effective people has sold 25 million copies in 40 languages.

The “habits” in the book’s title are the key to Steve’s effectiveness. Seven rules effectively recited won’t take us very far, but habits are what can make or break a life. Ingrained deeply enough, they determine our character.

Steve succeeded because he trained and motivated people to actually put into practice the principles he taught them.

He was convincing and authentic because he used the seven habits to guide his own life and his family. As a result, he was effective in more than just business.

His message was memorable because he packaged profound principles into seven bite sized habits.

In this he followed the master teacher who was the center of Steve’s life.

Jesus distilled his curriculum into just two habits, and his teaching method into two words. The habits he espoused were first Love the Lord, second love your neighbor. His teaching mode was, “Follow Me.”

I wrote a little song about that. It goes like this.
Jesus came to Galilee
He found Peter by the sea,
And the sons of Zebedee
He said to them, “Follow Me.”

As usual, you can hear this message, and Martin and me performing the rest of the song if you click on the YouTube attached to this post.