Little Epistle: The Worth of a Smile

“…your clothes may be Beau Brumelly, They stand out a mile. But brother you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” So Sang Little Orphan Annie in the musical of the same name.

A smile can lift your spirits. Not just a smile from others, but from yourself. Research has shown that lifting the corners of the mouth opens up circulation to the brain, releases endorphins, a natural stress releasing pleasure-producing drug into the system. It probably helps us think more clearly and effectively.

For those of you who can only compute value in dollars and cents, put your smile down in your asset column and list the value at something like 50,000 dollars minimum. There is a rare medical condition named Moebius Syndrome in which people are born with weakened muscles in the corners of their mouths. They cannot smile.

I read once of a young woman in California who was successfully operated on and muscle tissue from other parts of her body was grafted in to the corners of her mouth. It is a difficult operation and does not always work. But in her case it did, and for the first time she could smile. The operation cost about 25,000 dollars per mouth corner.

That means that most of us are carrying around a fortune on our face. Our recommendation is to cash in on your investment every chance you get.

The world and you will be happier. This will also enhance your wardrobe. Because, “You’re never fully dressed, though you may wear the best. You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”