My friend Dick Davis

My lifelong friend, and performing buddy Dick Davis passed away Wednesday July 20, 2016. I was out of town, and got the word when I returned.

He, Denis Sorenson and I formed The Three D’s singing and comedy trio in the 1960’s. We recorded for Capitol Records, toured the United States and Canada, as well as swings through Vietnam, Korea and Japan entertaining American troops and local citizens. Accompanying ourselves on guitars, string bass, banjos, and occasionally a trumpet, we did folk songs, Broadway and movie themes, original tunes, and stitched the whole thing together with comedy. Nobody could pull off a punch line like Dick could.

He and I got together way back in junior high school. We played sports, performed for local functions on our trumpets and in the school and city band, studied a bit (Dick more than I. His dad was a school principal), fooled around a lot, and wowed with our ukuleles the beautiful girls we dated.

Great memories, and great anticipations. I assume Dick is putting together gigs of some kind up there, and will invite me to be a part of them.