The day after prom night

It is said that you can choose your friends but not your relatives. But sometimes a friend may choose you, and even make you a relative. One of my friends did this. She is a friend of one of our granddaughters. When as young girls they came to our house to play our granddaughter, of course, called me “Grandpa.”

One day My Friend asked, “Can I call you grandpa too?”

“I would be honored,” I answered. I was and am.

Fast forward a few years. The day after prom night at our high school is an unofficial fashion show at our church. The guys have rented their tuxes on the weekend rate since they can’t return them on Sunday when the tux stores are closed. The girls love to give their special prom dresses one more showing before the enchanted evening gowns go carefully into the storage box and the attic or under the bed. Who knows when another appropriate occasion for them will arise?

My Friend already had her special prom present in its box when I met her in the hallway of the church. The box seemed a little small for a dress. I said, “Hi My Friend, what’s in the box?”

“Hi Grandpa. I’ll show you.” She pulled open the cover just enough so I could see the “prom dress,” and its little beady eyes peering out from the sawdust saw me.

My friend explained, “Last night was prom night, but nobody asked me, so I got this to make me feel better.”

“Of course. He’s cute.”

“He’s a she. She’s a hedgehog.”

She continued down the hall.

I thought, “What was this little hedgehog last night, a lady in waiting to my friend the princess a.k.a Cinderella?”

My Friend can build worlds of her own. I’m honored that she lets me help populate them as one of her grandpas.