The Revolutionary War

The more distant in time the more we forget, and tend to think of the war for independence as a skirmish between people in funny looking clothes shooting muzzle loader rifles so primitive that they probably only got off a shot or two before the battle was over.

Reality: Approximately 25,000 America soldiers killed. Thousands more injured for life or whose lives were shortened by their wounds.

Personal Application: Harry Golden, in his Washington based newsletter “The Carolina Israelite,” and in his book Only in America noted that for years we clucked our tongues in disapproval over the statistic of six million Jews murdered by the Nazis. But humans can’t personally identify with a statistic. It was not until a 13 year old girl described her life, as a statistic of one, that we felt the horror of the holocaust.

Likewise the Revolutionary war. Here is a statistic of one, one family.

The Jacob Brawler family from South Carolina sent twenty-two sons and their father to fight for freedom. They were all killed in battle except one who was seriously wounded and died a few years later.

Let us remember Jacob Brawler, his sons, and the thousands more who gave much, and those who gave all that we might be free to shoot fireworks, hold parades, stuff ourselves at barbecues, pursue our happiness, and live lives that most people in the world can’t even dream of.