Recording your stories

It has been some time since we last talked, if you look back at my website, you may remember that I’ve been working on a book based on my experiences. The book is now written and available on Amazon, or on our website . The price from Amazon keeps changing, at one time it was much more than we were charging, but the price has now come down, so if you are interested, you might want to buy it there. When we had it published, our cost was about $22, so we need to sell it for $25, plus $3 postage and handling.

As I wrote the book the idea behind it evolved into maybe a way to help people preserve their own stories. We all know this is something we should do, but sometimes we need a nudge and someone to talk to.  That’s what we are providing.

The idea is simple. Read the book and jot down notes on the memories it brings to your mind.  We’ve tried to help out with this process by including prompts at the end of each chapter of the book. As I’ve talked to people about these stories, they’ve often said, “That reminds me…,” and so we’ve included a lot of blank space at the end of each chapter for you to write notes about your stories.

Record: Our process is: about as friendly and old fashioned as sitting on the back porch shooting the breeze. You set up an appointment and call one of our ‘hosts’ who will help you get your stories recorded in your own voice. 

Share: The final step is to send these stories to those you love and who love you. We will send you an electronic copy of your recorded memories which you can forward and share with others to play on their computers. We can also send you a DVD with all your story-telling sessions on it. This will be on a special new process DVD which doesn’t lose the information recorded on it as regular CD’s and DVD’s do. We can make additional copies of the DVD you can share.

The response from people we have recorded or explained the process to has been favorable and enthusiastic. Because you were so helpful in getting us this far, we wanted you to let you know what we were working on. We have more details on our website.

Also, we have a booth at RootsTech talking to people about our idea. We’d love to see you if you are there! RootsTech is a genealogy conference in Salt Lake City running from February 12 to the 14th.