Sharing memories triggered by Live Long*, Learn a little, Laugh a lot

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your help with my book Live Long*, Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot. My son Dan and I have been busy, building a cover, adding photos, obtaining an ISBN number which allows book dealers and others to order the book, and a Library of Congress number which helps other libraries obtain the book, and all the other nuts and bolts of putting a book together.

Corresponding with you, I found the book was not just a story teller. It was a memory jogger and conversation starter. Many times we would send out a chapter and get a “that reminds me” response, so we decided to add this aspect to the book.  After each chapter we will provide space for the reader to add notes from his or her own life experiences. To stimulate memories, I have added a few questions, and an invitation to respond to whatever other stories the chapter triggered. The book can then become a repository of memories, and perhaps an inspiration to the reader to write (or complete since many of us have started more than once) his or her own memoirs.

We would like to play this game with you. If it is all right with you, we will send the chapters to you one at a time with the questions at the end and invite you to share your memories with us by return email. We will also be setting up a website livelearnlaugh.comOn which we would post some of the stories to a wider audience. We would include your name or leave it anonymous whichever you preferred. We would hope thereby to spread the entertainment, instruction, and inspiration of living long* learning a little, and laughing a lot among each other and perhaps to a wider audience.

It is sometimes a tough world out there, and it helps if we can encourage and lift each other along the way. If this idea doesn’t appeal to you, you can let us know in the famous twisted syntax attributed to Samuel Goldwyn, “Gentlemen, include me out.”

Thanks again for all your help.