What’s in a name?

Every person’s life is worthy of a book. I hope you are writing yours, or saving and collecting the material to one day write it.

I am in the midst of mine.

For those of you who just tuned in, this is the next installment of my memoirs currently in production. The previous installments are available on my web page I hope you find it interesting.

The book is titled, Live Long*,  Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot.

“The Three D’s; that’s the corniest name I’ve every heard.” So spake our producer at Capitol Records when we signed with them.

“We’re thinking, something more hip and folk sounding, like “The Salt City Three.”

“Doesn’t pop on the marquee or the newspaper,” our agent in Las Vegas told us when we played there with Sandi Griffiths and Sally Flynn, two beautiful and talented performers who could sell a song with the best in the business.

Our Vegas man suggested, “The swingers in Vegas have a saying when they score with a good looking woman they call it, ‘good clean fun.’  Because of your image and your show we should name your group ‘Good Clean Fun.’ Then people can take it either way they want to,” he said with a wink and a smirk. We decided that idea should, as they say, “stay in Vegas.” Instead we performed as “The Three D’s and Sandi and Sally;” not shocking or sophisticated, but accurate.

Some people told us The Three D’s evoked memories of watching movies through cardboard glasses. Others asked us if we copied it off our school report card, or if it stood for “dumb, dumber, and dumbest or “duh, duh, and duh.”

The name was born more of desperation than inspiration. Dick, Denis and I had thrown around and out many names in the beginning; from “The Goodtime Guys” to “The Tabernacle Choir minus 362”. None of them stuck.

Then one night a nervous mc insisted we had to give him a name so he could introduce us. When Dick and I grew up together in Payson Utah, his mom called him Richard. To the rest of us he was Rick. I thought, “Hmm, Denis, and Duane both start with ‘D’. Three D’s has implications of dimensions. That’s a concept we could build on since we do a variety of music, drama, and comedy.”

I said, “Rick if you would go by ‘Dick’ we could call ourselves The Three D’s. How about it?”

“One letter, R or D, makes no ‘rifference’ to me,” he said or something like that.

Admittedly our name was not as cute as The Beatles, as rootless as The Rolling Stones, as exotic as The Kingston (Jamaica) Trio, as homey as The Mamas and Papas or as startling as Bare Naked Ladies. But The Three D’s has been a serviceable name. It’s short. We can spell it. Nobody else seems to want it. It’s a work plug of a name, not a thoroughbred, and it’s probably better than “The Three R’s, Rick, Renis and Ruane.”

Your next installment is: Proper  perspective

Everybody I know is busy, including me.  Where are those golden years I was planning on of sitting on the back porch picking my guitar? So I will send just one little part of the book at a time. You can give it a quick read and tell me what you think if you would like.

I’ve slimmed that process down to two questions, and four strokes on the key board (six if you count “Reply” and “Send.”)

The questions are these:“A” How much did you enjoy this?“B” How much do you think a person who doesn’t know Duane Hiatt would enjoy this?
The rating is:1. Glanced at it, printed it out and lined the bottom of the bird cage with it.2. Sped-read it and filed it with my tax return receipts3. Thought it was about as interesting as a well written obituary4. Could have put it down, but didn’t want to5. Couldn’t put it down. Put it in a magnetic frame and stuck it onto the fridge door

So your response would perhaps be A-4, B-3, (Or maybe A-5, B-5, I’m expecting a minimum number of those.)

Also feel free to add comments if you like.

Also, also, feel free to forward this material to anyone you want to.