Live Long,* Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot.

Every person’s life is worthy of a book. I hope you are writing yours, or saving and collecting the material to one day write it.

I am in the midst of mine.

I’d like to send you the stories and observations as they come hot off the keyboard.  I hope they will give you ideas and inspiration for your own book.

The book is titled Live Long*, Learn a Little, Laugh a Lot.

Everybody I know is busy, including me.  Where are those golden years I was planning on of sitting on the back porch picking my guitar? So I will send just one little part of the book at a time. You can give it a quick read and tell me what you think if you would like.

I’ve slimmed that process down to two questions, and four strokes on the key board (six if you count “Reply” and “Send.”)

The questions are these:

“A” How much did you enjoy this?

“B” How much do you think a person who doesn’t know Duane Hiatt would enjoy this?

The rating is:

1. Glanced at it, printed it out and lined the bottom of the bird cage with it.

2. Sped-read it and filed it with my tax return receipts

3. Thought it was about as interesting as a well written obituary

4. Could have put it down, but didn’t want to

5. Couldn’t put it down. Put it in a magnetic frame and stuck it onto the fridge door

So your response would perhaps be A-4, B-3, (Or maybe A-5, B-5, but since that that would probably be from my mother and she has passed away, I’m expecting a minimum number of those.)

Also feel free to add comments if you like.

Also, also, feel free to forward this material to anyone you want to.

Here is the first installment:


“Titles are hard to come by. For one thing, all the good ones have been taken; like Thinner Thighs in Thirty Days, and The Bible

Dave Barry

Searching for a title, I wrestled with ideas and language, and came out with three thoughts (three thoughts is a pretty fair accomplishment for me), and six words that started with “L”. They represented what I have tried, and am trying to do with my life.

Looking at the title again, I decided the “Long” needed an asterisk. (The asterisk, as you know is the ancestor of the Hyperlink) so I added one. Now I see the asterisk needed an asterisk or two, so here they are..

**  Live Long

Not long in years necessarily, but long in perspective. Number of years is not an accurate gauge of success. The most important life in the history of the world only lasted 33 years. Planning, managing, and executing a successful life is like succeeding in a career. In a couple of decades, we can have twenty years experience on the job or one year’s experience twenty times.

The difference often lies in our perspective. Generally speaking, the farther ahead we look the better our life plans and performance are. The really successful people stretch their perspective even beyond the veil we call death, and ask themselves, “How can I prepare myself for eternity in heaven?”

When we organize and pursue this endless perspective, our lives are successful no matter how many years we do or don’t accumulate.

Learn a little

Sir Isaac Newton, considered by some the greatest scientific mind in history said, “What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.”

We won’t get too far swallowing the ocean with the teaspoon of our mind, but we can enjoy the process of learning, and our lives and those we touch will be richer for it.

More on that later in the book.

Laugh a lot

It takes two muscles to smile, and 200 to frown so I read. Laughter helps digestion, and releases in our brain a legal drug named dopamine which helps us relax and lowers our stress. A hearty laugh even tones the muscles. More on this when you get to that part of the book.

Thank you

Thanks for opening the book. Reading this far makes you an honorary member of the LL*,LL, and LL Club. Welcome fellow pilgrim. If you get a spare minute, share with me your ideas on these

Next Installment

Time line of my life; from small town to large tribe.