How to get your prayers answered every time

Too often we treat God like a cosmic room service waiter. We send in the order and wait for him to deliver. And we may get out of sorts when he brings us something different from what we asked for,” so my wise and scholarly friend Professor Truman Madsen once told me.

I have to confess I have prayed that prayer either directly, or by inference more times than I would like to admit. It’s a shaky prayer at best; a bit like the letters I used to send to Santa Claus. The pony never appeared under the Christmas tree, but what the heck, it didn’t cost anything to ask year after year.

I have also prayed the prayer of hope for success without paying the price for it. Those are my “Wizard of Oz” prayers. Like Dorothy and her friends Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, I want to be somewhere else, or have some ability or character trait I don’t now possess. If I can just get the ear of the Wizard, he can give it to me. In the case of Dorothy and her needy friends, it turns out they had the things they wanted all along. They just had to find their gifts inside themselves, and, one supposes, continue to develop and use them. .

Other reasons for the difference between requests and results in my prayers include: The timing is not right, or the Lord has something better in store for me. Not surprisingly, my narrow view, short term horizon and his omniscience and exalted perspective often come to different conclusions. As he reminded his prophet Isaiah, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8)

Some people lose faith in God when he doesn’t seem to come through for them. They say in effect “I gave him a test, and he failed.” We need to remember that it is not God who is being tested in this life, it is us.
All these and other incorrect assumptions can create static in our communications to heaven.

But there is a “no fail” prayer we can all send up with total confidence. This message to heaven will be answered if it is wrapped in humility and a willingness to do our part. The concept is not new. I have heard it all my life. It abounds in the scriptures. But for some reason when I read it again a few weeks ago, it hit home in ways that it never has before. I have repeated this concept more often lately in my prayers, and it always works. I feel an answer whipping back to my consciousness immediately.

One of the reasons it works so well is that we don’t have to persuade the Lord to our request. He already wants it for us at least as much as we do, probably more. He wants us to be stronger and better. The best way we can accomplish that is to face challenges, work through them, and grow in the process. We may stagger, fall, and lose some skirmishes, but if we make sure we get up one more time than we go down, we are guaranteed ultimate victory. He will always be there with infinite resources and support.

So what is the prayer?

It has been pronounced many ways. Years ago I read it beautifully stated by Phillips Brooks, a 19th century minister. Rev. Brooks wrote, “Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle.”

The Three D’s Reunited and on Youtube

Hi, this is Dan again, Duane’s son. I found this video of The Three D’s singing ‘Give Said the Little Stream’ during a concert in either Arizona or Southern Utah. If anyone knows for sure, I would like to know (I asked my dad and he wasn’t sure). Also if anyone has other videos or pictures they would like to share, I would love to see it (or them). Feel free to forward this to friends and family or anyone that might be interested in this music, like it on facebook or just pass it along. Enjoy…