Mormon Heritage CD is on itunes


This is Dan, Duane’s son. I work with dad in filling orders, producing CD’s and trying to keep the website up and running. We have had several people ask if our music was available on itunes and other online music services. I looked into it and we decided to give it a try with our best selling CD, the Three D’s “Mormon Heritage” CD.

After some work, we got it up on itunes. The tracks for the different songs split out wherever there is a break on the CD, so some of the individual songs come out in kind of strange places. I think it might work best to purchase the whole CD rather than individual songs, although some of my favorite songs like ‘The Iron Horse’ and ‘Lonesome, Roving Wolves’ and The Three D’s rendition of ‘Come, Come Ye Saints’ are nice to have to play separately.

But just so you know the CD is there for $19.99, it is also on sale at another site (called CD Baby) for $14.99. We can’t set the pricing for itunes, but set it for CD Baby and since we don’t have to pay for shipping or producing CDs, we wanted to pass the savings on to you. The link to CD Baby is

Let me know if you have any comments or problems downloading either of these CD’s. Thank you for listening and for your support!

Dan Hiatt