Pioneer Integrity

“Have that repaired. I want them to know that a man of integrity lived here,” Wilford Woodruff said as he walked out the door to his comfortable home for the last time. His concern for a hole in the floor he noticed as he left might be expected from a person who was preparing his house for the real estate market, and wanted to get top dollar for it. But Elder Woodruff and the rest of the Mormons were being driven out of their homes by armed mobs. If they received anything for their homes, it was pennies on the dollar. Many of them would simply be forced out while the lawless bands pillaged their possessions and usurped ownership of their property.

Elder Woodruff’s integrity was shared by most of those in the exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois in the winter of 1846.

I am reminded of these stories of pioneer integrity as Sharon and I are in charge of the music for our stake’s youth handcart trek at Martin’s Cove in Wyoming. The cove is hallowed ground to those of us who love and admire the courage and character of the pioneers. They crossed a continent of plains and mountains to find a place where they could worship in their own way and “…allow all men the same privilege.”

Particularly moving to me are those who made the trek pushing and pulling their meager possessions and food in handcarts. The Martin and the Willy handcart companies were trapped by ferocious early winter storms. Frozen and exhausted they took what little refuge they could in the cove. More than 200 of the 600 in the two companies died at the cove or along the trail. Those who perished and those who survived did so as heroes. Sharing, sacrificing, and committing their lives to God and each other they left us an immortal heritage.

I have always been intrigued and inspired by the stories and songs of the pioneers. That is why The Three D’s recorded three albums about them and toured the country performing their music.

This combination of pioneers, recordings, and integrity has come together in our business recently. We have learned that some of the CD’s made from those recordings are flawed. The volume on one of the tracks is inconsistent, making some of the scenes hard to understand, and the harmony of some of the music unbalanced.

So we have re-digitized the songs and stories and corrected the problem. The title of this two CD program is “Heritage, Songs and Scenes of the Mormon Epoch.” If you have one of the flawed recordings, please go to our website, send an Email, or call us, and let us know. You don’t have to return your CD’s, just tell us how we can get the new recordings to you. There will be no charge for the new CD’s or for postage.

We appreciate your friendship, and apologize for sending you an imperfect product. In a modest way, we want to follow the example of Wilford Woodruff, and the other pioneers, and be considered “men of integrity.”