Finding joy in a world of troubles

Our goal in The Three D’s was, and my objective in writing and in performing on stage is to interest, entertain, and even inspire people; to give them thoughts and feelings they can carry away to keep the fires of hope burning inside. This objective appears even more needed now than it was those decades ago when we were on the road.

In pursuit of this dream, I’m going back on the road a bit. Sharon and I are headed out to Vista California, Phoenix Arizona, and Albuquerque New Mexico to visit family and friends, and also to present a new show based on a little song I wrote for the Primary titled “Follow the Prophet.”

The show is filled with music, humor, drama, and narration about what happens when people follow the prophets, and what befalls them when they don’t. I also tell the story of how I came to write the song. Sharon and I are presenting the show backed by local volunteers and an ad hoc children’s chorus we put together on location. We have had success with this format, and are looking forward to this tour.

I am encouraged to do this because of what I see around me. Many people are worried and afraid, but others are happy and optimistic even in the midst of today’s challenges. What is the difference?

Mike Wallace, the creator and long time host of the television show “60 Minutes” asked this question in another way. Following an interview of Gordon B. Hinckley, at that time president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Wallace said to one of president Hinckley’s counselors James E. Faust, “I’ve never met a man with so much responsibility who is so optimistic. Why is he?”

“Because he knows how it is going to turn out,” President Faust answered. Despite the challenges and problems of today. Things are going to turn out magnificently. Righteousness will triumph. Wickedness will be overcome and banished. The peace and good will promised by the angels at Jesus birth will cover the earth.

There may well be some hard slogging ahead, but the future is bright, beautiful, and certain. The prophets have always known this truth even back in the days of the Old Testament, and they know it today. Those who have followed their counsel and direction have always shared in this consolation and hope.
That is the message we are taking to the stage, and putting into these writings on the web as well as on email, facebook and You Tube.

If you know others who would like to join us on this journey of joy, invite them to log on to this web page. Send us your own experiences and words of encouragement, and when we are in your area, if you have the opportunity, come and let us meet you.

“Gospel” is a Middle English word from the Old English “godspel”, a contraction of “God spell” or “God’s tale”, later becoming “good story” now translated as “good news.” This linguistic journey, seems to have rubbed the optimism off the original. Our aim is to help restore the luster and the hope of the good news. For as the current prophet and president of the Church Thomas S. Monson succinctly and eloquently said, “Your future is as bright as your faith.”